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. in the beginning .
  • 1860s
    • 1864
      • Elizabeth Montgomery hung.
      • Abolitionist
      • Was helping slaves escape.
      • Husband = jackass.
  • 1920’s
    • 1926
      • Rube dies.
  • 1940’s
    • 1945
      • September 15
        • Harry K. Daglian dies of radiation poisoning.
          • A casualty of the Manhattan Project Research.
          • Changes name to Rodney.
            • Last name: Nevins
        • Meets Elizabeth.
          • Becomes a supervisor.
            • Given Rodney and Rube to work with.
      • December 29
        • Lieutenant John Alexander Patterson commits unconscious suicide.
          • Elizabeth & Rodney are present.
          • Soul is reaped.
    • 1949
      • Group moves to Canada.
      • Rodney begins working at college as Physics professor.
        • Last name: Broca

. note .

This is obviously not the timeline in full, hence the title. I will add more later; for now this gives you a brief idea of who/where/what. Since there are so many nuances I am going to take my time going through the timeline and editing it.

Please be aware that I am human and there may be mistakes between the fic and the timeline from time to time or in my factual information; I try as hard as I can to write within the parameters I create, but I write what the muses tell me. If I do create a discrepancy, I will update the timeline to show the difference.
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