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Fic: ETD, 1/1

Disclaimer: Not mine.
Title: ETD
Pairing: Vague McKay/Beckett
Rating: Teen
Summary: It was just cruel.
Notes: This is a snippet that doesn't really have a place on the timeline right now. When I finally get some of the longer stories out, this will get a place, I promise.

Rodney sat back and stared at the little yellow post-it, the elegant scrawl of Elizabeth's handwriting laughing at him from the paper. Of course, that wasn't possible and he knew it.

But the downright cruelty of giving him this paper was just... overwhelming. Rodney wasn't supposed to be the one to do this. He couldn't. It would hurt John too much, and fuck, John. What was he going to do if John saw him pop the soul? They'd had one fight that nearly ended their relationship; Rodney couldn't do it again.

"Luv?" Carson stepped into the lab, holding a sandwich. "You weren't at lunch. If you're too go on a mission, you need to eat. Just because you're dead doesn't mean you're exempt from your hypoglycemia," he ribbed. Setting down the plate, Carson noticed the look on his boyfriend's face. "What is it?"

Rodney flipped the post it around, displaying the name and ETD: Aiden Ford.

Carson choked a breath, before speaking. "We knew this was coming. He missed the first one and it was just a matter of time."

"Yes, I know." Rodney's frown deepened, "it's just...like I'm about to kill my kid brother."
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