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Fic: A Matter of Convenience, 1/1.

Disclaimer: Not mine. So not mine.
Title: A Matter of Convenience
Pairing: Beckett/McKay
Rating: Mature
Place in Timeline: Season 1. Prior to Home but after Underground.
Summary: Rodney finds another.

Rodney stared at Carson, sipping his drink and making sly gestures that weren’t all that sly – anyone who cared to look knew Rodney was pretty much begging Carson for sex.

Carson sighed. He knew Rodney was having a pretty bad time of it, as did most everyone. They were all aware that Rodney’s relationship with John had come to an end, though no one ever spoke of it for fear of Caldwell finding out. Of course, only four people knew the actual reason why they’d broken up.

Moving closer, Carson settled down at the table with Rodney and took in the visage of the man before him. Rodney clearly hadn’t slept well that night and his hair was ruffled; when he spoke, it was with the voice of a man who’d been going on caffeine for several days.

“You need to sleep,” Carson interrupted.

“What I need is someone to fuck me,” Rodney responded, making a face and crossing his arms.

Carson rolled his eyes. “It’s not going to help things. Why don’t you just go find him and talk? You did drop a lot on him, you know. I’m sure he wasn’t ready to hear you tell him that you’re actually dead.” He whispered the last part and watched the tables around them to ensure they weren’t being overheard.

“Yes, well. He won’t talk to me and since I don’t exactly have people falling over themselves to be with me, I thought you wouldn’t mind, but I guess I’m upsetting your sensibilities,” Rodney spat. He wasn’t a happy man; he needed to be fucked.

Getting to his feet, Rodney grabbed his tray and started to walk toward the disposal line, only to have Carson touch his arm. “If we’re to do this, then we ought to talk first.”

“Right,” Rodney nodded. He rid himself of his tray while Carson did the same and together they walked back toward his quarters. Once inside, they locked the door behind them. Rodney was nervous, much more nervous than he’d been when he’d propositioned John and he wondered why.

They were silent for a few minutes, simply staring at each other until Carson grew tired of it and asked, “You’re sure about this, Rodney?”

Rodney thought it over, turning his mind about things for a moment, before he replied, “yes. I am.” He reached for Carson and then they were kissing, hard and wet. Carson pushed at his clothes, touching soft skin and dragging his mouth down to nip at Rodney’s neck while slipping his hands down to shove away Rodney’s trousers.

Stripped down to their underwear, the two reapers reluctantly parted and made their way to Rodney’s bed. It still smelt of John’s cologne and Carson was sure that should have bothered him, but the fact that he would change the scent of the sheets bled the bitterness from him.

Carson straddled the body beneath him, running his hands up and down Rodney’s sides and rocking slowly against the hardened cock at his ass. “Want to be fucked, Rodney? Or maybe I should call you Harry?”

Rodney groaned, “Rodney works. Rodney is better. And fuck me. Now would be nice.” He thrust up for the friction and whined when Carson pulled away, searching around the nightstand for lube. His hand emerged from the drawer with a tube and with almost clinical ease coated his fingers.

He teased Rodney, drifting his fingers over Rodney’s perineum and then slipped a finger inside. Just the tip wiggled about and Rodney begged for more. He cried out when a second finger joined and thrust in. It took a minute more before Carson added lube to his own cock. “Ready?”

“If you ask me anymore questions like that, I’ll be forced to strangle you.” Rodney glared and moved his legs to Carson’s shoulders. “Now get to it, Old man.”

An indignant noise slipped from his throat and Carson pushed into Rodney gently. It took a great deal of his self-control, but even though they were both dead and thus injuries healed pretty damned quick (with a few exceptions, thanks to the powers that be), he really wasn’t looking to hurt his lover.

Rodney, however, wasn’t up for it and shoved himself down, taking all of Carson. He bit his lip, grabbed at Carson’s shoulders as his legs settled around Carson’s waist.

Together they filled the room with the noises of sex, the grunts and groans of pleasure and a random curse word as they thrust and rubbed. Rodney’s head was thrown back with one hand having moved from Carson’s shoulder to the headboard.

All too soon, Rodney was whimpering out his climax while Carson rode out his own a moment later. They were still and quiet, then Carson pulled himself away and rolled onto his back beside Rodney who asked, “You think we’ll do this again?”

“I bloody well hope so. That was the best shag I’ve had in a long time.” Carson grinned at the ceiling and turned to face Rodney.

They both yawned, the usual action of men after sex, and fell asleep as Carson pulled the blanket over them.
Tags: fic, mcbeck, season 1
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