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zelenka ficlet

Erm. So. I'm assuming if I flock this, no one else can read this except actual members. Hopefully I'm not wrong :-P

Edit: I've unlocked it, but you know, it's not really any good and I'm not sure where this fits in the timeline. It might not, even :X


Zelenka eyed the box on the table suspiciously. "What are those doing here?" he all but hissed.

"I stole them from the Daedelus," McKay replied, leaning over to reach in to the cardboard box. "You want one?" He nudged the box closer to the other scientist. "They're pretty fresh."

Radek stared at the donuts with disgust. "You must be joking." Offering him one of those things; really, how insensitive could Rodney be? "Do you have any idea -- no, of course you don't. You can barely remember my name, why should I expect you to -- just forget it." He turned away with a huff, intent on leaving the lab until McKay got rid of the box of donuts.

"Oh, come on, Radek. You really think I don't know your name?" Rodney took another bite of the powdered donut. "Anyway, if you don't want a donut, that's fine. Just don't go changing your mind later, because there won't be any left!" He waved the donut in his hand around, sprinkling little specs of sugar on the table.

Carson chose that moment to pop into the lab for a visit, nearly ending up on the ground as Zelenka -- muttering an impressive string of Czech curses -- pushed past him. "What was that about?" he asked cautiously.

"I offered Radek a donut," Rodney answered simply.

"Rodney! You didn't!"

McKay finally looked up from his computer screen. "It's a donut, Carson, not an engagement ring. You're more than welcome to have one too, if you want," he said, waving at the box before returning to his data.

Carson paused momentarily. "Are there any jellies left?" He lifted the lid on the box at Rodney's nod, taking one of the cakes for himself. "Rodney," he started, "when are you going to stop teasing Radek about... you know."

"Hm? About what, Carson? Working on a very important experiment here; you'll have to stop being so vague."

"You know exactly what I'm talking about," Carson said sternly.

Rodney scowled, still staring at his computer screen. "I really don't have a clue."

"Oh for god's sake, man. Radek. Death by donut!"

"Oh, that," Rodney huffed with a roll of his eyes. "So he choked to death on a donut. Big deal. He needs to get over it and move on; enjoy some tastey treats. Besides, it's not like I run around calling him Donut Boy because that could be very embarassing. Like what's her name... " Rodney snapped his fingers, trying to jog his memory. "Like... Toilet Seat girl! Talk about embarassing nicknames. Hey, hand me a chocolate one?"

Carson just stood there, mouth open, staring at Rodney like he'd just grown a third head. "You are unbelieveable," he finally managed to say in a slight whisper.
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