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untitled rodney & mason ficlet

This is an untitled Rodney & Mason ficlet that I... apparently never posted. *shrug*


Rodney was in his lab, working well into the late hours of the night. This wasn't new; he did the same thing every night and by 3am or 4am, Colonel Sheppard came by to drag him to bed. Four hours of sleep was enough for him anyway. Right now, he had more important things to attend to, like the new device they had discovered on P4X-625. It was definitely some sort of energy storing device, nowhere near as strong as a ZPM, but it could definitely be used to supplement energy usage in the city.

"Hey, mate, what's this do?"

McKay jumped at the sudden noise, nearly dropping the device he was holding in his hand. "Jesus Christ! Can you... can you just get out of here?" he shouted at the unwelcomed guest. "Shouldn't you be sleeping or something?"

"No," his visitor shrugged, still fingering the small silver item in his hand. "You know it's really boring here."

With a growl, McKay carefully put down the new device he was working on jumped to his feet, taking the few steps over to the dark-haired British man invading his privacy. "Give me that," he snarled, snatching the item out of the man's hand. "You don't even know what this is! It could be a bomb or a time dilation device or a-- you don't even know what it is!" Rodney repeated.

Mason looked at him, a stupid grin spreading slowly across his angular face. "So what is it?"

"It's a..." Rodney frowned. Actually, he didn't know what it was -- they hadn't been able to turn it on yet to figure it out. "It's a highly advanced Ancient thing!" he shouted finally.

"Right," Mason said slowly. He eyed the shiny device in Rodney's hand. "So, it would be valuable then, wouldn't it?"

"Oh. My. God. Get out," McKay snarled. He grabbed the man by the arm and dragged him to the door. Mason was putting up quite the protest, but McKay was a lot stronger than your average lab geek so with a bit of pushing and shoving, he had Mason out in the hallway.

"Aww, come on, Rodney!" Mason whinged. "Rube said we were supposed to stick together, right? Doing this whole Reaper exchange thing."

McKay crossed his arms, a sour expression on his face. "Unless I'm mistaken -- and rarely if ever does that happen -- I believe Rube meant during a reap. During a reap, meaning when I've got a happy little yellow post-it with some poor schmuck's name on it because he's about to die in some horrible Pegasus-related accident." Mason opened his mouth to speak, but Rodney barreled right over him. "Do you see any schmucks in here? And for your information, no, I'm not counting you. You're outside the room."

Mason let out a strangled little sound before he found the words to speak again. "Did you breathe at all during that?"

If Rodney wasn't annoyed before, he was absolutely pissed off now. "Also--" McKay reached forward and patted Mason down roughly, sneering when he felt an object in the other reaper's rear pocket. He retrieved the control crystal and gave Mason another shove that nearly sent him into the wall. "You touch anything else in this city and I will chop you into little pieces and send you back through the Stargate in a little box!"


"Shut up, Mason!" McKay slid the doors shut with a violent swoosh and locked the doors with an angry click.

Straightening his clothes, Mason wondered what Carson was up to at this time of night and wandered back down the hall.
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